I have the privilege to be born in a historical place with rich tradition
in craft and arts: Transylvania. I developed from early stages a
passion for art and design which I pursuit until present days. My
father was a bit concerned and recommended me to become rather
a doctor or an engineer as artists never get rich. Since 1991 after I
graduated Academy of arts. Decorative arts and design department,
I had a rich agenda of art exhibitions in Romania and Germany.
From 2000 January after I emigrated to New Zealand, I added a new
dimension to my design profession, teaching design. I taught initially
in Christchurch at Design and Art College of New Zealand, later at
Unitec Auckland an now at Whitehouse design Institute, Melbourne.

I thought I should brand my creativity. I came up with valentindesign
and since 2005 a web with www.valentindesign.com. I focus to create
a point of difference (not always recommended) with the furniture
and objects I design. And hence Anima range, asymmetric outdoor
furniture close to sculpture, once Highly Commended in Best Design
Award, New Zealand.
I have a strong background in industrial ceramic, about 14 years,
that come back to live with the stag head I modeled last year, 2008.
I really enjoyed all the process, from prototyping to casting and
glazing and now I have a whole collection of ceramic projects.

Out of various participations and one man shows exhibitions in
Germany, Romania, New Zealand, last two ones  “100% Organic
Design” 2007 and “Alice in Wonderland and Back” 2008 showcased
my direction in exploring organic shapes, patterns, surrealism and
combination between art and design.

To question “What drives and inspires you?” I answer: creating new
beautiful things, nature, body, fashion, patterns, mythology. My
favorite color is orange, but I like dark purple lately. I like  Philippe
Stack. I think he is a genius.
My opinion about life?:Life is a bus station. You take one bus at the
time in one direction only.
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Objects of her desire/New Zealand Herald
4:00AM Tuesday Apr 14, 2009
By Zoe Walker
Vicki Vuleta. Photo / Babiche Martens

Vicki Vuleta opened Design 55 with partner Gary Langsford last year, with the aim
of making one-off and limited edition designer pieces available to local design
aficionados. On display in the gallery-like space is an eclectic mix of contemporary
designs. Think a Bocca lip sofa, beautiful chandeliers,
Valentin Tinc's stag head,
a selection of Fornasetti crockery, as well as rare vintage finds, all housed in a
newly converted warehouse space below the pair's loft space home. Vuleta, a
former TV producer, talks to us about her favourite design things.
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Virtually There - October 2008

Valentin Tinc (see NZ House & Garden, January 2007) is a Transylvanian
designer (no, I’m not joking) now based in New Zealand and creating fluid,
almost organic furniture (love that Anima XL chaise) and whimsical decorative
pieces. If you’ve been searching for decorative tiles, original china sets or a life-
sized ceramic stag’s head, look no further. Tinc is married to Christina Popovici,
who has been known to use his furniture as a canvas . Fabulous.

Garden & Gun
Horn of Plenty

The last time I was at ABC Carpet & Home in New York (forgive me for not
knowing what's there now–it's been a few months), it looked like the place had
been taken over by stags. Ironic interpretations of the real thing, to be precise.
I saw pink stags and green stags and silver stags, big stags and tiny stags. And
things like this (from a few of my other favorite sources):

The whole look has been big for a while (antlers, faux or not, are very sculptural-
looking decorative objects, after all).
I love it, but I'm willing to bet that the trendy versions lose their appeal by next
So, for those looking for something similar (stag horn, longhorn, impala horn)
but a little more enduring, here are three great sources:


Graham and Green

Valentin Tinc
100% Design Week Tokyo, Japan 2008

Stand Toringa project with valentindesign participation
From the Resene News – issue 1/2004
Fitting furniture - Valentin Design furniture
Imagine organic shapes resembling the curves of the familiar natural
environment coloured to suit your Resene colour scheme. Valentin Design
specialises in fluid furniture that floats between art and practicality.

Highly resistant to scratches, breakages and UV light, this furniture wears as
good as it looks. Simply select the furniture piece from the stylish Anima Range
that suits your project, specify the Resene colours you would like incorporated
into the furniture and Valentin Design will create a personalised piece that fits
perfectly with your Resene decorated space. Call 027 404 6735 to add that
special fitting finishing touch.

Products in Action
View hundreds of case studies of Resene products used on projects all over New Zealand and Australia.
Case Studies - Resene News Archive
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104 Anima coffee table   Anima coffee table is constructed from fibreglass and resin and can be
used indoors or out.Designed and produced in Australia, the Anima coffee table was designed by
expat Transylvanian ceramicist Valentin Tinc. This neat statement piece is a beautiful, sculptural yet
functional table that complements other organic shapes in the Interstudio range, namely Busk +
Hertzogs True Love sofa and Plasma public area seating and Frag Woodalls Vissy credenza.

Valentins design philosophy is captured in Anima: "Pieces should encourage a dialogue between
emotion and function."

Anima is often used to display other item, suitable for use as a sideboard or as storage for a
flat-screen television. Its form and function ensure its suitability for both commercial and residential

Anima is constructed from fibreglass and resin. It is UV stable and suited to both interior and exterior
use. White or black versions are available as standard, or custom colours can be created for larger

Anima is available at Interstudio and approved distributors.
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